The Student Loan Program

THE STUDENT LOAN PROGRAM Introduction As many of you know, I used to teach school, both at the high school and university level.  Based upon that experience,...

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Lynching & Mob Rule

LYNCHING & MOB RULE (Chatting with Lefty) Hi Lefty, Good to hear from you.  I think I got your drift on this Oklahoma University video.  You seem to...

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Dear Solon

DEAR SOLON   Dear Solon: Thank you very much for your reply to my letter.  The reply was quite thorough and detailed.  It is obvious that quite a...

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Raise the Minimum Wage

Raise the Minimum Wage (Chatting with Lefty) Dear Lefty, Nice to hear from you.  No, I DON’T agree that the minimum wage should be raised.  I have tried...

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THE DYNASTY (Easy Come, Easy Go) It is said that folks can’t “make it” in this country.  Too many rules, regulations, taxes, etc.  It is well known...

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Kelo Decision–Part II

KELO DECISION--Part II (Chatting wit Lefty)   Dear Lefty, I certainly accept your apology—though I’m not sure there is anything for which to apologize.  As you can see, the...

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Kelo Decision

KELO DECISION (Chatting With Lefty)   Dear Lefty, I got your letter today, and am sorry to hear you are upset.  I do understand your hurt and anger at...

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Greedy Doctors (Chatting with Lefty)

GREEDY DOCTORS (Chatting with Lefty)   Dear Lefty, Nice to hear from you again.  I was somewhat surprised to read that you believe that doctors are “greedy”.  I’ve heard...

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Extremism (Chatting with Lefty)


EXTREMISM (Chatting with Lefty) Dear Lefty, I received your last letter.  At first I was somewhat disturbed when you called me  an “extremist”.  After I thought about it,...

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